Monday October 19 , 2020

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Share about Angels with Children

When we share our knowledge about angels, children light up with joy because they know truth when they hear it.  Angels were painted with halo's by the people who first saw them because the light around angels is so bright it looked like they had a halo.  Kids call them angel hats.

What you think about you bring about

What you think about and focus on is what you will find and experience in your reality.  Think about angels and the miracles they can do for you... keep you safe, provide insights and heal hearts.

Angels are all around the World

Angels are all around the world and waiting for you to call on them for help.

Angels are Messengers from God

Angels brought the good news of Jesus' coming, His birth, and His resurrection.

Think about your Angels

What you think about, you bring about. So Think about your Angels.  They are there waiting for you!

Unseen Helpers

We often owe more to unseen helpers than those we do see.

A Fairies Job

Fairies are the keepers of nature.  They can interact with people but they have specific jobs to do to keep balance in nature.

Children love angels

Children love angels because they are helpers from God.

Victoria's Surprise is now available in the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Bookstore

Victoria's Surprise is now available in the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church Bookstore.  This is my home church and it has a lovely bookstore, so please stop by and see the wonderful selection and friendly faces.  The 9:45 contemporary service is a lot of fun too, so come join us!


Children want to be heard

Children want to be heard by acknowledement from you with loving eye contact and warm smiles because children do not communicate with words.

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