“Sometimes, when it’s very quiet, I hear the soft ruffling of angels’ wings.”

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Victoria wondered, “How am I going to sleep?” And the angel appeared.
Books are wonderful windows to the universe.
Through the parents, children are reached.
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Tuesday January 19 , 2021

Margie’s Wings

coverSometimes – when it’s very quiet – educator, author and illustrator Margie Loving hears the soft ruffling of angels’ wings.

“They do it just to let me know they’re there,” she says with a smile.

Now you can hear them too, in Loving’s new children’s book, VICTORIA’S SURPRISE, published by Crossbooks.

Written for her daughters, VICTORIA’S SURPRISE takes Loving’s readers under the covers of a scared little girl all alone in her bed at night. Victoria is frightened. A thunderstorm rages. She hides. Suddenly, reassuring fairies fly into her bedroom, harbingers of an angel sent by God to comfort her.  Children love angels because they are helpers from God.

When children are afraid of the dark, it helps to tell them about their guardian angels.  Let Victoria’s angel bring God’s love to your little ones. Vanquish nighttime fears with VICTORIA’S SURPRISE, released in November 2010 and is available from Crossbooks.


Praise for Victoria’s Surprise

  • “I read Victoria's Surprise to my six year-old, which sparked wondrous questions that only a six-year-old can compose. I appreciate that the book created an opportunity for us to dialogue about angels and their presence in our lives.”

    –Heidi Fabian, parent and pre-kindergarten teacher
  • “Victoria’s Surprise is a delightful tale of reassurance for young children. The book will provide a wonderful addition to children’s christian library by using reassuring concepts to help weather the storms of anxiety that are often part of a child’s growing up experiences. The illustrations are very child friendly and appealing. This book will give parents a tool to help their youngsters pass through times of nighttime anxieties.”

    – Carol Ann Brady, Ph.D. Psychologist
  • “Sure to become a bedtime standard for any parent with a child who is afraid to go to sleep at night. What every child wants and deserves is to know that she is safe and loved. Victoria’s Surprise is a comforting, playful story that teaches children they are never alone and empowers them to seek and find the endless source of all they require.”

    – Anna Roark
    Houston’s Healing ColorPuncture Practitioner, successful entrepreneur and mom
  • “This book is a joy and comfort for adults and children alike. The beautiful illustrations depict a nighttime world of peace and and love that everyone can relate to, and the words tell a story that is sure to be remembered by all who hear it. I loved it!”

    – Linda Newell, Ph.D, Director and Associate Professor
    Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program at SUNY Medical School
  • “I like it! The story and pictures are very calming and make you feel safe.”

    - Ellen Scippa, Montessori Mom

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